SA 12636 for KOBELCO Part #YN57V00002S002 & CASE Part# KHJ22151

SA 12636 for KOBELCO  Part #YN57V00002S002 & CASE Part# KHJ22151
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  • Item #: SA 12636

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SA 12636 is an after-market air filter for KOBELCO with Part #  YN57V00002S002,YN57V00002S010, YN57V00004S002, CASE Part # KHJ22151, KHJ22152, 72281517, 77282567, NEW HOLLAND, Part # 72281517, 72951908, TAKEUCHI Part # 1552000902, 1552002715, SF Part# HY90168, SBL88009, SBL88020, MANN Part # C6005.

D1 (MM) : 55 mm (2.165")       H1 (MM) : 40 mm (1.574")
D2 (MM):  51 mm (2.007")       H2 (MM) : 34 mm (1.338")
D3 (MM) : 31 mm (1.220")       H3 (MM) : 0

Compatible Equipment:

CASE : CX210C TIER IV, CX210D, CX22 B-ZTS, CX25-CX250D-CX26B-ZTS, CX30B, CX31, CX31B, CX35B-ZTS, 
CX36,CX36B,CX47, CX50B, CX50B-ZTS, CX55B, CX75 SR TIER3

NEW HOLLAND: E135B, E135B SR, E135SR, E140 C-SR, E145LC, E150 B SR, E175B, E175 C, E195, E195B,E200SR, E215B, E215B SR, E215C, E225B SR, E235 BSR, E235SR, E26BSR, E265EL, E265SR,E27.2SR, E29B SR, E305B, E305C, E305LC, E35B SR, E385C, E39B SR, E45B SR, E50B SR, E50.2SR, E70BSR, E70SR, E75CSR, E80MSR, E85CMSR

FIAT KOBELCO: E80, E70 SR/KSR, E50.2 SR, E35.2 SR, E27.2SR, E145LC, E20.2SR, E200SR, E22.2SR, E235B SR, E235SR-E

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